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In some cases when the final exam is online we use a locked online examination environment called LockDown Browser. On this page there are guides to set up this environment

Setting up LockDown Browser

Here below we will cover the steps in order to set up the LockDown Browser, both on Mac and Windows. Please note, that restart of the computer may be required if the browser does not work as intended after the installation.

Downloading the setup file

The setup file can be downloaded here for both Mac and Windows


When you have downloaded the setup file you need to run it to start the setup procedure.


Here you can see the steps for setting it up on Windows.

Step one

This is how the first window looks. Here you select the language you want the software to use and press "Next"

Step two

Then there is the License Agreement window, where you can read over the User Agreement and then click the "Next" button.

This will start the setup and when that is finish just hit the "Finish" button.

Now you have  set up the online exambrowser.


Here you can see the steps for setting it up on Mac.

Step One

This is how the first window looks like when you run the setup file, just click "Continue"

Step Two

This is just an introduction window, just click "Continue"

Step Three

This is the License Agreement, which you can read if you want to, so now just click "Continue".

Step Four

Now that you have read the License Agreement you have to accept them by clicking "Agree"

Step Five

This window will allow you to change the install location, most people just use the default location. To move on click the "Install" button.

Step Six

A small security step should appear on most Macs where you enter your Mac user name and password in order to install the software.

Step Seven

Now the installation is finished and you can click "Close"

Step Eight

In some cases the Mac wants to make some cleanup and throw away the setup file so you can do that by clicking "Move to Trash" or if you want to keep the setup file you can click "Keep"

Taking an online exam using LockDown Browser

Step One

Firstly we need to start the LockDown Browser software, before you do though make sure you have saved all your work and closed all windows.


If LockDown Browser detects any software that is open in the background it could ask that it be closed. If all your work is saved the simplest thing to do here is click the "Yes" button.

Step Two

Now you should see the Moodle login page. Log in to Moodle and go the course page where the exam is located.


Take notice that buttons for allowed tools will appear near the navigation buttons.

Step Three

One the course page you can click on the exam and an "Attempt quiz now" button should appear if you are running the LockDown Browser and the examination time has started.

Step four

When you have submitted and finished your exam you can click the "x" in the upper right hand corner to close LockDown Browser.